Minnesota Sports Betting: When Will MN Sportsbooks Launch?

Minnesota sports betting is not legal yet, but new legislation is going to be introduced in 2024. MinnesotaBets.com is your expert guide to Minnesota sportsbooks.

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Must be 21+ to participate and present in MN. T&Cs apply.
Minnesota Sports Betting Guide

Minnesota Sports Betting Launch Updates: July 2024

The cycle to get Minnesota sports betting apps and retail sites legalized begins again in 2024, with a new Senate bill set to be introduced this legislative session.

🚫 Is MN Sports Betting Legal?No
📅 When Will MN Sports Betting Launch?Mid-to-late 2024, at earliest
🚨 Latest News July 2024Sen. to Introduce Updated Bill
⚖️ MN Sports Betting BillMinnesota Sports Betting Act 2.0
Expected No. of MN Sportsbook Licenses11
✍️ Last Updated:July 3, 2024

If past years are any indication, we may see several lawmakers introduce sports betting bills in both the House and Senate, in the hopes of one breaking through.

Must be 21+ to participate and present in MN. T&Cs apply.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Minnesota?

No, sports betting is not legal in Minnesota. Lawmakers have been trying to pass bills through the House and Senate since 2019, but none have been approved. State legislators start meeting Feb. 12, 2024, so any movement on sports betting in the state would likely not happen until mid- or late 2024.

The only forms of wagering on sports permitted in the state are on horse and simulcast racing, as well as Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) contests. 

Must be 21+ to participate and present in MN. T&Cs apply.

When Will Sports Betting Be Legal in Minnesota?

We do not yet know when sports betting in Minnesota could be legalized. The earliest it could be legalized would be mid-to-late 2024. But that would only happen if state lawmakers pass a bill during the 2024 legislative session. 

Bills introduced in odd-numbered years can be discussed in the following year. Therefore, it is possible for Minnesota legislators to pass SF 1949, which was approved by several committees in 2023 but did not go to the floor for a full vote before the end of the session. 

In Iowa, sports gambling was legalized in May 2019 and launched three months later. In Michigan, by contrast, there was more than a year between legalization in December 2019 and the first bets struck in January 2021.

Details of the Minnesota Sports Betting Bill

Sen. Jeremy Miller plans to introduce the Minnesota Sports Betting Act 2.0 on Feb. 12, 2024, the first day of the 2024 legislative session. The act will include a maximum of 11 licenses for Minnesota tribes to offer retail and mobile sports betting. It would also allow the Vikings, Wild, Timberwolves, Lynx, Minnesota United FC, TPC Twin Cities golf club, Canterbury Park racetrack and Running Aces racetrack to partner with a tribe to host a retail sportsbook.

The Minnesota Sports Betting Act 2.0 would set the sports betting tax rate at 15%, which would fund local charities, problem gambling resources, youth sports and education programs.

The act would also introduce free plays and bonus games back to charitable e-pull tab machines, which had been curtailed by legislation in 2023. E-pull tab machines were introduced in Minnesota in 2012 to offset the cost of U.S. Bank Stadium. They became so popular that they paid off the stadium debt 20 years ahead of schedule and generated $6.3M per day for state charities. 

However, tribes had previously argued in court that "show all" features in e-pull tab games, which reveal all of a player's prize chances with one click, too closely resemble slot machines, which only Minnesota tribes are permitted to operate. In 2023, the omnibus bill included a provision to remove "open all" features from these games, which was a source of tension between federally recognized tribes and charitable organizations. 

Miller's act would presumably restore those features.

Sports betting bill SF 1949, left in limbo at the end of 2023's legislative session, proposed 11 sports betting licenses, valid for 20 years, only for tribes. Sports betting revenue would be taxed at 10% of Gross Gaming Revenue. 

Has There Been Any Progress on Minnesota Sports Betting Legislation?

Since the first attempts to legalize Minnesota sports betting, there has been some signs of progress. 

Initially, the Minnesota Indian Gaming Association (MIGA) was hesitant to embrace sports betting, fearing it would adversely affect their business in the event it was legalized. But now there is tribal support, as indicated by provisions in recent bills that would grant Minnesota's tribes sports betting licenses.

Pro sports teams in Minnesota are also on board. The Vikings, Twins, Wild, Timberwolves and Lynx joined MIGA in a statement of support in 2023.

However, the biggest blocker to legalizing sports betting has been whether Minnesota's two racetracks—Canterbury Park and Running Aces—will also be allowed to host retail sportsbooks or partner for online sports betting. Tribes have been pushing for exclusive control over sports betting, while Canterbury and Running Aces want to benefit from legalization.

Must be 21+ to participate and present in MN. T&Cs apply.

Latest News & Legislation Impacting Minnesota Sports Betting

Minnesota has made several attempts to legalize sports betting in recent years. Let's take a brief look at the state's efforts to make it legal.

  • 📆 Jan. 17, 2024: Sen. Miller announces his plans to propose the Minnesota Sports Betting Act 2.0, a revamped version of his 2023 version.
  • 📆 Sept. 27, 2023: Randy Sampson, CEO of Canterbury Park, remains hopeful that racetracks will be included in future Minnesota sports betting legislation.
  • 📆 May 24, 2023: Gov. Tim Walz approves an omnibus bill that requires e-pull tab games to ban the "open all" or "all-swipe" features starting in 2025 as tribes argued before the Minnesota Court of Appeals that they too closely resemble slot machines.
  • 📆 May 22, 2023: The legislative session ends without votes on either SF 1949 or HF 2000.
  • 📆 May 17, 2023: Minnesota racetracks continue to be a sticking point in SF 1949, which does not allow for racetracks to partner with an online sportsbook or host a retail one.
  • 📆 May 12, 2023: SF 1949 passes out of the Senate Taxes Committee by a 5-3 vote. It will now move to the Finance Committee.
  • 📆 May 10, 2023: SF 1949 is approved by the Senate Committee on State and Local Government and Veterans by an 8-5 vote, but is likely to face opposition in the full chamber.
  • 📆 May 3, 2023: Legislators make amendments to SF 1949 to allow tribal nations that offer Class III gaming to parter with an online sports betting provider, but not racetracks.
  • 📆 March 2, 2023: HR 2000 is approved by the House Judiciary Finance and Civil Law Committee and will move to the House Public Safety Finance and Policy Committee.
  • 📆 Feb. 27, 2023: HF 2000 is approved by the House Commerce Finance and Policy Committee.
  • 📆 Feb. 21, 2023: Rep. Stephenson introduces HF 2000, which would give control of sports gambling to Minnesota tribes, as a companion bill to SF 1949.
  • 📆 Feb. 20, 2023: Senators Matt Klein (DFL-Twin Cities) and Foung Hawj (DFL-St. Paul) introduce SF 1949 to legalize sports betting as a companion bill to HF 2000.
  • 📆 Jan. 31, 2023: Sen. Jeremy Miller (R-Winona) announces he plans to introduce the "Minnesota Sports Betting Act" as competing legislation, but it doesn't make an movement.
  • 📆 May 23, 2022: Time runs out on HF 778, as the 2022 legislative session ends with no vote. Senators disagree over retail Minnesota sports betting at racetracks.
  • 📆 May 19, 2022: The Senate Finance Committee approves HF 778 by a 5-4 vote with the controversial A-22 amendment, which would permit racetracks to apply for sports betting licenses. The bill is now placed in General Orders to be taken up with the full Senate.
  • 📆 May 12, 2022: HF 778 is approved 70-57 in the Minnesota House of Representatives and passes to the Senate.
  • 📆 April 28, 2022: HF 778 clears a House committee by a 14-7 vote and moves to the chamber.
  • 📆 March 24, 2022: HF 778 passes the House Judiciary Finance and Civil Law Committee.
  • 📆 March 15, 2022: The House Finance and Elections Committee narrowly approves HF 778 by a 7-5 vote with an amendment to raise the minimum betting age to 21.
  • 📆 March 8, 2022: HF 778 is approved by the House Commerce Finance and Policy Committee by a 14-4 vote.
  • 📆 March 7, 2022: Rep. Zack Stephenson (DFL-Coon Rapids) introduces HF 778, which would legalize mobile and retail sports betting in Minnesota for those 18+.
  • 📆 Feb. 4, 2021: Rep. Garofalo introduces two separate bills, HF 767 and HF 769, that would legalize sports betting and establish a commission to oversee it. Neither receives a hearing.e
  • 📆 March 7, 2019: The Senate tax committee passes SF 1894 by a vote of 5-2 to send it to the state government committee, where it stalls.
  • 📆 Feb. 28, 2019: Sen. Roger Chamberlain (R-Lino Lakes) introduces SF 1894, which would legalize online and retail sports betting at casinos and racetracks.
  • 📆 Feb. 28, 2019: Rep. Pat Garofalo (R-Farmington) introduces HF 1278 to legalize sports betting. It doesn't receive a hearing or vote.
  • 📆 May 14, 2018: The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act is overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Our staff of veteran gambling reporters keeps you up-to-date with the latest news on Minnesota sports betting. We pride ourselves on bringing you breaking news and analysis of all developments in legal sports betting. Additionally, if you're looking for quick information regarding Minnesota's sports betting industry, check out the Minnesota sports betting FAQ section at the bottom of this page.

Can You Sports Bet in Minnesota?

No, you cannot sports bet in Minnesota under the current gambling laws of the state. That might change if a bill to legalize Minnesota betting sites is passed in 2024.

Currently, the only sports wagering allowed is on horse racing at tracks like Canterbury Park, while leading Daily Fantasy Sports companies also operate in the North Star State.

If you want to get ahead and learn how to bet on sports online in Minnesota, read our handy guide:

How to Bet on Sports in Minnesota

At the moment, it is not possible to place sports bets in Minnesota. However, this may change by the end of 2024. In 2023, Minnesota lawmakers proposed a bill to legalize sports betting in the state, but it was not approved.

If a similar 2024 bill is successful, the law could be changed to allow licensed sports betting in MN to begin within a matter of months. 

Where Can I Bet on Sports in Minnesota?

MN does not permit the activity if you want to enjoy legal online betting. A bill that would change the law to allow companies to operate top sports betting sites in MN was launched in February 2023. This would have opened the door to sports betting at Minnesota online sportsbooks and retail or brick-and-mortar locations.

The only places where bettors in Minnesota can currently bet on horse racing are at the state’s two racetracks - Canterbury Park and Running Aces - and that's betting on horses only. You can also place online wagers on races nationwide at sites such as TwinSpires and TVG. 

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Minnesota?

Online sports betting is illegal in Minnesota, but it could become available if new legislation succeeds in 2024. Zack Stephenson has been a significant proponent, but state lawmakers won't discuss the new proposed legislation until the next legislative session. 

There have been several efforts in recent years to legalize online betting. Still, they have floundered in the face of opposition from the Minnesota tribes who run the state’s casinos and a Republican-controlled Senate.

Now that the Democrats are in the majority in the Senate and the tribes are poised to control MN sportsbooks’ operations, two of the most significant obstacles to sports betting legalization have been removed. The Minnesota Indian Gaming Association appears to be much more open to the idea, which is a good sign for legalization. 

What Sportsbooks Are in Minnesota?

Currently, there are no sportsbooks available in Minnesota. However, some brands have expressed a strong interest in launching their services in every state where sports betting is legalized. Therefore, it is highly likely that these brands will make an effort to establish themselves in the Minnesota betting market.

Among the names you can expect to see joining the scramble to offer legal sports betting in MN are BetMGM, FanDuel, DraftKings, Caesars, BetRivers, Fanatics, and ESPN BET.

How Many Sportsbooks Are There in Minnesota?

There are currently zero sportsbooks in Minnesota, and until the decision is taken to legalize sports gambling, Minnesota betting enthusiasts will not know how many sportsbooks are likely to launch here.

Under the sports betting legislation that came close to passing in 2022 – which we expect to be very similar to the 2023 proposals – there would have been up to 11 online sportsbook licenses. It is indeed no coincidence that 11 different Indian tribes run the 19 tribal casinos in Minnesota.

Sportsbooks Partnered with Minnesota Professional Sports Teams

There are no sportsbooks partnered with Minnesota professional sports teams currently. However, many top Minnesota teams have good relationships with the tribes likely to oversee the MN sports betting market.

As in many states with online sportsbooks, Minnesota professional sports teams are expected to form mutually beneficial partnerships with legal sports betting MN operations if and when legal online sports betting launches, offering sports bettors team-exclusive offers and promos.

The big four leagues already have strong relationships with online gambling companies. The NFL, for instance, has official sportsbook partners in FanDuel, DraftKings, and Caesars.

Best Minnesota Sportsbooks Potentially Launching 2024

If the Minnesota legislature eventually gets a bill, the best Minnesota sportsbooks could be launched in The North Star State. Here's a quick-hitting breakdown of which online operators could be coming to Minnesota in 2024 at the earliest: 

🥇 BetMGM MinnesotaBest Overall Sportsbook
🛜 Caesars Sportsbook MinnesotaBest for Live Streaming
🔥 FanDuel MinnesotaMost Popular Sportsbook
🏈 DraftKings MinnesotaBest for NFL Betting
🚨 ESPN BET MinnesotaBest for New Bettors
🎁 Fanatics MinnesotaBest Rewards

Below, I'll break down everything you need to know about these big-name online operators:

Best Minnesota Sportsbook

Our experts expect BetMGM Minnesota to be the best overall sportsbook in Minnesota. This online sportsbook excels in other states thanks to its broad choice of betting options, the frequency of its bonuses and promotions, and the high quality of the user experience on its website.

New users may use the latest bonus code STATESBONUSMGM to receive a bonus bet. BetMGM will match your losing bet up to $1,000 if you lose your first bet! Remember that Minnesota bettors can use the bonus code, but it must be claimed while you are in a state where online sports betting is legal. 

🚀 Expected Launch DateMid-to-Late 2024
Key FeatureMost Well-Rounded Sportsbook
📲 Same-Game Parlays?Yes for NFL, NBA, MLB, etc.
💳 Payment OptionsVISA, PayPal, Skrill, Play+

Best Minnesota Sportsbook for Live Streaming

Among the most recognized brand names in the gambling industry, Caesars Sportsbook Minnesota also prides itself as being the top sportsbook and online site for live streaming. This MN sports betting site is the first in the industry to offer live streaming on NFL games with its watch and bet feature. 

🚀 Expected Launch DateMid-to-Late 2024
Key FeatureBest Live Streaming Option
🔥 Expected Welcome BonusUp to $1,250 in bonus bets
📲 Same-Game Parlays?Yes; Capped at 10 Legs
💳 Payment OptionsVISA, American Express, Neteller, PayNearMe

Most Popular Minnesota Sportsbook

The most popular legal sportsbook in America, FanDuel Minnesota will surely expand to the Gopher State. This great online sportsbook has the most downloads and highest online sportsbook ratings among all legal operators. It has been active in MN through its work in daily fantasy sports contests, so count on FanDuel to have a solid fantasy sports database in the state already. Notably, FanDuel MN also has the highest Apple App Store rating. 

🚀 Expected Launch DateMid-to-Late 2024
Key FeatureMost Trusted Sportsbook
🔥 Expected Welcome Bonus Up To $200 in Bonus Bet Credits
📲 Same-Game Parlays?Yes
💳 Payment OptionsVISA, PayPal, PayNearMe

Best Minnesota Sportsbook for NFL Betting

The NFL is the most bet US sport, so look to wager with DraftKings Minnesota to take advantage of the sportsbook's large selection of player prop bets and other betting options for the NFL. In addition, DraftKings has had a footprint in Minnesota for years with its daily fantasy sports operations.

🚀 Expected Launch DateMid-to-Late 2024
Key FeatureUnrivaled NFL Experience
🔥 Expected Welcome OfferInitial Offer Up To $1,000
📲 Same-Game Parlays?Yes & Many Unique Markets
💳 Payment OptionsVISA, PayPal, Discover

Most Anticipated Minnesota Sportsbook

New bettors will eventually be able to use ESPN BET Minnesota, the latest sports betting offering from Penn Entertainment. The new app takes the place of the Barstool Sportsbook and will feature heavy tie-ins with the "Worldwide Leader in Sports."

🚀 Expected Launch DateMid-to-Late 2024
Key FeatureExperience for New Players
🔥 Expected Welcome BonusSecond-Chance Bet Up To $1,000
📲 Same-Game Parlays?Yes
💳 Payment OptionsVISA, Venmo, Discover, American Express, PayPal

Best Minnesota Sportsbook for Free Merchandise

With a recognizable brand name in the sports merchandise world, Fanatics Sportsbook Minnesota is the go-to sportsbook for free merchandise. The sportsbook could frequently give away apparel, so be looking for free shirts, hats, pants, and more. As one of the newest operators in the country, this will be a sportsbook to monitor closely. 

🚀 Expected Launch DateMid-to-Late 2024
Key FeaturePotential for Giveaways
🔥 Expected Welcome BonusTBD
📲 Same-Game Parlays?TBD
💳 Payment OptionsVISA, PayPal, Play+

How MN Sports Betting Compares to Other Legal States

Minnesota is surrounded by states with legalized sports betting in some form or fashion: Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, and more.

In Iowa, a state with a population roughly half that of Minnesota, there are 20 online sportsbooks in operation. The total betting handle in January 2023 was just over $233 million, with revenue to the state of $16.5 million.

The proposed tax rate for Minnesota sports betting (between 10-15%) is higher than most nearby states, on par with Illinois, which taxes at a rate of 15-17%.

Minnesota's 11 proposed online sports betting licenses would give bettors more options than Illinois (8) but fewer than Iowa (20).

Who Will Regulate Sports Betting in Minnesota?

Currently, there is no clear choice for a sports betting regulator in Minnesota.

Previous legislation has envisaged the creation of a Minnesota Sports Wagering Commission to administer the industry. But under the proposed legislation that was launched in February 2023 (but ultimately failed), the 11 tribes that operate the state’s 19 tribal casinos would be responsible for controlling MN sportsbooks.

Given that sports betting legislation looks to allow MN tribes to offer betting, the Minnesota Indian Gaming Association (MIGA) could also oversee sports betting in the state. MIGA has served as the collective voice of Minnesota's 11 tribes on vital issues concerning gambling since 1987. 

What is the Legal Age to Bet in Minnesota?

You must be 18 or over to gamble in Minnesota at Canterbury Park or one of the 19 tribal casinos in the state. That is also the age at which you can wager on horse racing here.

In most states where online betting is legal, the minimum age is 21; we do not know yet whether 18 or 21 will be the threshold for an MN sports betting platform.

Do I Need to Be a Minnesota Resident to Bet Online?

No, you do not need to be a Minnesota resident to bet on sports online with Minnesota sportsbooks. However, you will need to be physically located within the North Star State to be able to register for an account.

While signing up as a customer, you must provide proof of your ID and age – you must be at least 18 or 21 years old to gamble. A MN sportsbook will also use geolocation technology to check that you are within state lines when you want to place a sports bet with them. However, it is possible to place a wager if you are within state lines of a state with legal sports betting. 

Minnesota Sports Betting Licenses

We cannot say how many sports betting MN licenses might be issued if betting is legalized in 2024 or 2025. But the 2023 proposal envisaged up to 11 licenses – one for each of the 11 tribes that run the state’s 19 casinos. This will likely be the total if the current push for legalization is successful.

Minnesota Sports Betting Revenue Estimates 2024

There have been several projections of the likely size of a licensed and legal Minnesota sports betting market. Until we know how many licenses are issued and what the tax rate will be, it is not possible to predict with any accuracy what the revenue will be.

State Sen. Jeremy Miller has estimated that the state could generate as much as $30 million a year from legal sports betting in MN.

Supporters have suggested that a significant portion of the revenue should be allocated towards promoting responsible gambling in the state.

Minnesota Sports Betting Laws Explained

Regarding online gambling sites, Minnesota is one of the states that has not yet legalized the activity. The current Minnesota Statutes, sections 609.75 and 609.76, specifically forbid it.

The first tribal casino opened in the state in 1984, and there are now 19 such establishments across the North Star State.

The decision in 2018 of the US Supreme Court to overturn the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act opened the door for states to legalize sports betting if they wished. Since then, there have been several attempts to legalize online betting sites in Minnesota, with the most recent launch in February 2023.  

Choosing the Best Minnesota Sportsbook

When betting platforms are licensed to open, how will you choose the best one? Leading operators in this field are highly adept at appealing to sports bettors with attractive offers and tempting features. It can sometimes be difficult to narrow down your selection. 

By applying the following factors, your choice may become slightly easier.

Read Reviews

Sports betting has been legalized in numerous states across the USA. That means there has been plenty of opportunities for customers of the companies likely to run betting sites that MN residents can enjoy to share their opinions.

Check review sites online and note positive features that many customers highlight—and of negatives that crop up regularly.

What Bets are Allowed?

Minnesota's top sports betting sites will offer many of the same bets – but there may be some ways in which they carry unique variations.

Minnesota patrons can spot those variations by checking out the different options available at each operator offering an online sportsbook.

For instance, you may find some sites with a particular focus on props or live betting. And there may be an obscure sport you like to follow that very few operators will take bets on.

Competitive Odds

This is a key consideration for serious Minnesota bettors who want to get the best value whenever they stake money in a game.

By comparing the sports betting odds and betting lines displayed at different sites, and even at different times, you can find the most competitive angle and reassure yourself you are setting up the best payout possible.

For instance, if the Minnesota Vikings odds are +110 on the moneyline for their next NFL game at three sportsbooks, but you find one offering +125, you know where to wager to get that extra value. 

Welcome Bonus

When you try online wagering, Minnesota betting sites should welcome you with open arms—and a seriously tempting sign-up bonus.  

Which suits your style of wagering best? Will you benefit most from the chance to place your (losing) first stake on a second selection? Or will you get more out of a substantial boost to your initial deposit?  

Welcome bonuses are designed to give you extra value when you start sports betting in Minnesota, so be sure to make the most of them.

User Experience

The experience of using any website offering sports betting in MN should be as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible. You should be able to find easily the bet you want to place – and the act of placing your wager should be equally straightforward.

You may also prefer the design and layout of one sportsbook over another. That's a question of personal taste, but it all contributes to the level of user experience you seek when using Minnesota betting sites. 

Deposits + Withdrawals

When you begin Minnesota online sports betting, you must be sure that the operator you choose will let you deposit money using a banking method you trust and prefer. Always check out the options for placing a deposit, and make sure the way you like to move money is on the list.

Equally, check that you can withdraw money, too – sometimes, the list of options for taking money out of your betting account is much shorter than the range of deposit methods. And with some online operators, you can earn deposit bonuses as well. 

Customer Service

You may not want to contact an MN sports betting operator – but if you need to ask a question or raise an issue, you want it resolved as quickly and expertly as possible.

So check out how you can contact a sportsbook’s customer support team. Ideally, there should be a range of options, including a toll-free phone number, an email address, and a live chat facility available 24/7.

You can find what you want on the book’s FAQ page or even contact it through an active social media platform. 

Why Sign Up For Multiple Minnesota Sports Betting Sites?

There are several advantages to signing up as a customer with several Minnesota betting sites – and no rule or regulation preventing you from doing so.

If you can access more than one Minnesota sportsbook, you can compare the great odds they offer to ensure you get the most competitive prices. You can also make the most of the welcome bonus at each one.

Above all, you can compare the experience of wagering at several MN sportsbooks to ensure you find the one that suits you best.   

Promotions for Minnesota Sportsbooks

You can expect your MN online sports betting experience to be enriched regularly by offers and promotions. This should begin with a substantial welcome bonus, such as a deposit match, that gets your account off to a flying start.

There should be plenty more Minnesota sportsbook promos to follow, such as odds boosts and enhanced payouts on same-game parlays. You may also qualify for bonus bets and the chance to enter contests related to major sporting events.  

Retail Sports Betting vs Online Sports Betting

If Minnesota sports betting is legalized, the state is likely to be able to host both online and retail sports betting facilities.

Many bettors enjoy the experience of wagering in person at a brick-and-mortar sportsbook, which may be available at a tribal casino close to you. There is a real buzz to be enjoyed when you are holding your bet slip surrounded by other enthusiasts in a location dedicated to wagering on sport – and staff on hand to help with any queries.

On the other hand, many people will prefer to do their sports betting in Minnesota through websites and apps. Regarding online betting, MN customers can play on a desktop at home or through various outstanding sportsbook apps. And these platforms do an excellent job mimicking the fun of getting a bet slip from a sportsbook. 

The main advantage of mobile betting is the convenience it offers. You can place a wager on your favorite team or league wherever you are – at home, out with friends, at work, or even at the game itself.

The best MN sportsbooks will allow you to make your play quickly and easily through a platform designed and honed for the purpose.  

Available Sports Wagers at Legal Minnesota Sports Betting Sites

When you enjoy sports betting in Minnesota, what sports and wager types will you be able to place? Here are some of the most common bets that should be available:

  • Moneyline Ideal for the novice bettor because it is the most straightforward bet on the coupon. Do you think the Minnesota Twins will win their next MLB game? No handicaps, no totals, just a straight win wager? Then the moneyline is the choice for you.
  • Parlays Always a favorite with many bettors, a parlay gives you the chance to cover several selections with a single bet. As each pick wins, your return goes on to the next one – but they all have to be correct to bring you a return.
  • Totals The most common type of total bet relates to the combined score of both teams in a game. The sportsbook puts up a number and you predict whether the actual total will be over or under that figure. This gives totals their alternative name – over/unders.
  • Point Spreads Another hugely popular option. The book gives one side a start of a certain number of points to even up the odds. You then decide whether or not the favorite will win by more than that number, which is known as “covering the spread.”
  • Futures If you believe the Minnesota Vikings will win next year’s Super Bowl, you can back your opinion before the first game of the regular season kicks off. Futures bets, as you would guess from the name, relate to outcomes that may not be decided for weeks or months.
  • Prop Bets The list of propositions can be surprisingly long. There are many ways of betting on collegiate or professional sports that have nothing to do with the overall result. Whether you fancy a wager on an individual’s performance, the result at half-time, or many more, this is the area of the coupon for you.
  • Live Bets The best Minnesota online sportsbooks will give you the chance to wager on sporting events that have started already. The odds can be updated instantly according to the state of the game – and you can place a bet on those odds. Many bettors love the chance to get involved in this way.
  • Prohibited Bets Some types of wager may not be allowed by legal Minnesota sports betting sites and apps. For instance, no wagers can be placed on political events, such as elections. And in some states, there are heavy restrictions on the types of bets you can place on college sports, so you may be barred from betting on the Minnesota Golden Gophers, but that will remain to be seen.

Minnesota Sports to Bet On

Every Minnesota online sportsbook and mobile application should offer you extensive markets on the most popular sports in the state. There are plenty of professional sports teams in Minnesota, and the top books will offer unique markets for pretty much every type of fan:

NFL Betting

Football rules the roost when it comes to sports – and sports betting – across the nation as the most bet on sport in the US, and Minnesota is no exception. The presence of the Minnesota Vikings in the state ensures the NFL’s profile is always high. You will always be able to find extensive wagering options for Minnesota, including Vikings playoff chances, through the regular season and all the way to the Super Bowl.

NBA Betting

Hoops fans have a local team to cheer: the Minnesota Timberwolves – but the profile of basketball is always high during the long NBA season and up to the NBA Finals. Basketball is a sport that lends itself to many pre-game and in-play betting opportunities, especially for Minnesota Timberwolves fans. As a result, there will always be an extensive range of options if you are keen to place a wager on the big game. And Minnesota also has a WNBA team—the Minnesota Lynx —for those looking to bet on women's basketball. 

NHL Betting

Hockey is huge in Minnesota, a status boosted by the Minnesota Wild of the NHL playing their home games here. You can always expect plenty of wagering options on the big NHL action, both before the game and in live betting. The best Minnesota online sports betting sites will also carry markets from the top European leagues to enjoy.

MLB Betting

Baseball may occasionally struggle to cling to its status as America’s Game – but fans of the Minnesota Twins will need no persuading. The Minnesota Twins ensure a regular diet of Major League action through the long season. Minnesota retail sportsbooks and mobile betting sites will play their part by offering the opportunity to place a host of sports wagers on their games. Baseball betting is big business through the regular season and in the countdown to the World Series.

Soccer Betting

The fact that Minnesota United play their Major League Soccer games in the state boosts soccer’s profile here. Minnesota sports betting websites and apps will offer plenty of opportunities to bet on local action and MLS games nationwide. You should also find extensive markets on the top leagues and tournaments worldwide.

College Sports Betting

We have yet to discover whether or not sports betting Minnesota operations will be allowed to carry markets on college sports games. Some states that have legalized sports wagering have not extended that facility to NCAA action. Fans of the Minnesota Golden Gophers and the St Thomas Tommies will hope they can wager on their favorites. Still, college sports are huge in Minnesota, so the hope is that bettors could wager on both NCAA and professional sports teams. 

As well as these leading sports, you should also find plenty of online betting MN markets if you enjoy wagering on other events, such as:

  • ⭐️ Motorsports
  • ⭐️ Golf
  • ⭐️ Boxing/MMA
  • ⭐️ Tennis
  • ⭐️ Volleyball
  • ⭐️ Cycling

Minnesota Professional Sports Teams to Bet On

There are plenty of local Minnesota teams that gamblers are sure to bet on when the state decides to legalize sports betting. Here are the most popular ones that will attract gamblers' eyes once betting in Minnesota is legalized. 

  • Minnesota Vikings The Minnesota Vikings have the highest historic winning percentage among all the franchises not to win a Super Bowl. They have lost the Super Bowl four times, and have not been in the big game since 1977.Nevertheless, the Vikings enjoy massive, loyal support and drew an average crowd of nearly 67,000 to the US Bank Stadium in the 2022 season. That’s a level of devotion that deserves a win one day. In fact, you can track the Vikings Super Bowl odds to see when their luck could change.
  • Minnesota Timberwolves As each year passes, fans of the Minnesota Timberwolves continue to hope their heroes can put more than three decades of disappointment behind them since the franchise was founded in 1989. Supporters still turn up in serious numbers to howl their devotion for their team. They hope to inspire the Wolves to finish high enough in the Northwest to challenge for a first divisional title since 2004.
  • Minnesota Wild The Minnesota Wild have earned solid support from across the state since the franchise brought the NHL back to Minnesota in 2000, several years after the departure of the North Stars. The Minnesota Wild have only one divisional championship since then but have improved in recent seasons, inspired by their star player Kyrill Kaprizov. Fans continue to dream of a run all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals one day.
  • Minnesota Twins Minnesota has one of the longest runs of any state with big four representation without a major trophy. The last state team to win one of the big prizes of American sport were the Twins, who won their third World Series, and second since moving to the North Star State, back in 1991. Despite two AL Central Division title in recent years, the wait for a repeat goes on – but fans still flock to Target Field in good numbers to cheer on the Twins.
  • Minnesota United Minnesota United have quickly established themselves as a competitive presence in Major League Soccer since joining the league in 2017. In the seasons since, they have finished mid-table and were runners-up in the US Open Cup in 2019. The team attract solid attendances to Allianz Field, where fans love to sing the Oasis song Wonderwall after every home win.

Other Minnesota Betting Options

There may be no such thing as legal Minnesota retail sportsbooks or mobile betting just yet, but people who want to gamble to have a few options open to them currently. Let’s consider how you can place a wager before legalizing sports betting in MN.

Casinos in Minnesota

Minnesota is home to 19 tribal casinos, which are spread right across the North Star State. These casinos are run by 11 tribes, and offer a range of slot machines, table games and pull tabs to visitors. Depending on the legislation that is passed, they may, in the near future, be venues for retail sports betting in Minnesota.

Horse Racing in Minnesota

Horse racing has been legal in Minnesota since the state-licensed pari-mutuel betting on racing in 1982. There are two horse racing tracks in the state; Canterbury Park stages thoroughbred racing, while harness racing takes place at the Running Aces Casino and Racetrack. As well as the live action, you can also wager on simulcasts from other horse racing tracks, while online betting on racing is allowed at websites including TwinSpires and TVG.

Minnesota State Lottery

The Minnesota Lottery was launched in 1988, offering a range of regular games. You can buy tickets at outlets across the state and while technically this facility is not available online, there are third-party sites such as Jackpocket that enable you to purchase tickets. In some states, sports betting is available through the state lottery, but this is unlikely to ever be the case in Minnesota.

Poker in Minnesota

You can enjoy poker at 10 of the 19 tribal casinos currently operating in Minnesota. It’s always worth checking with a venue to see whether or not it offers poker, and what type of card games can be played, including Texas Hold'em and Seven Card Stud. The Canterbury Park racetrack offers the most extensive choice, with more than 30 tables. Despite poker being available in the Gopher State, online poker is not available. 

Deposit and Withdraw from MN Sports Betting Sites

Plenty of secure payment options will be offered to gamblers to deposit and withdraw money from their mobile wagering account. It's important to be aware of and have access to a few of these methods to ensure that you always can move money around. You don't want to be in a situation where you cannot access your money.

The safety of these banking methods is guaranteed in a legal market as the casinos and sportsbook operators will need to follow strict regulations. This is another one of the many benefits of a legal market.

VISAInstant Deposits1-5 Day(s) Withdrawals
MasterCardInstant DepositsNo Withdrawals
American ExpressInstant DepositsNo Withdrawals
VenmoInstant Deposits2-5 Day(s) for Withdrawals
PayPalInstant Deposits2-7 Day(s) Withdrawals
Bank Transfer1-3 Day(s) for Deposits3-7 Days for Withdrawals

Responsible Gambling in Minnesota

If Minnesota sports betting is legalized, it will be a harmless and relaxing leisure activity for most Minnesota bettors. However, for a small minority, there is a risk that wagering on sports legally or with offshore sportsbooks can lead to a gambling problem. As a result, all licensed Minnesota sportsbooks will do all they can to ensure their customers wager responsibly.

In other states, legal sportsbooks display a prominent Responsible Gambling link on their home pages, leading to a substantial source of information on the subject. You can expect Minnesota online sportsbooks to offer similarly extensive guidance on setting limits and recognizing the signs that you may be developing a gambling problem or addiction. 

There should also be links to organizations that can deliver expert advice and practical assistance concerning a gambling problem or addiction. These may include the problem gambling facility at the Minnesota Department of Human Services, the Minnesota Alliance on Problem Gambling, and the state’s branch of the respected National Council on Problem Gambling.

Minnesota Sports Betting FAQ


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