Tracking the Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl Odds in Week 18

Key Takeaways:

  • 🏆 The Vikings Super Bowl odds are +80000, according to DraftKings Sportsbook.
  • 📈 The Vikings Super Bowl odds are the longest in the league.
  • ❌ The Vikings are all but out of Super Bowl contention this season.
Vikings Super Bowl Odds

The Vikings Super Bowl hopes are hanging on by a thread after Minnesota lost to the Packers in Week 17. They are technically still alive in the Super Bowl hunt, but it would take nothing short of a miracle at this point.

Each week of the NFL season, I will track the Vikings Super Bowl odds, as well as their odds to win the conference, division and to make the playoffs. Be sure to bookmark this page to stay updated on the latest odds for the Minnesota Vikings.

Vikings Super Bowl 58 Odds: May 8, 2024

The Vikings Super Bowl odds are +80000, per DraftKings. They are longest Super Bowl odds among 20 playoff-eligible teams.The Minnesota sports betting market believes it's unlikely that the Vikings will reach the playoffs, much less the Super Bowl.

🏈 Vikings Odds to Win SB LVIII+80000
🏈 Odds to Win NFC Champ. Game+50000
🚫 Odds to Win NFC NorthN/A
🏈 Odds to Make Playoffs+2200
🏈 Odds to Miss Playoffs-20000
✅ Last Verified:May 8, 2024

With the Vikings playoff chances dipping into the single digits, their Super Bowl odds are getting longer and longer.

Vikings Super Bowl Odds vs. NFC North

The Vikings now have the longest Super Bowl odds (+80000) of all four NFC North teams. The Lions are among the NFL's Super Bowl favorites (+2000), having already clinched a playoff spot by virtue of the NFC North title. The Packers Super Bowl odds are +14000, while the Bears were eliminated from contention last week.

Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl Odds Week-by-Week

The Vikings currently have +80000 odds (0.1% implied probability) on DraftKings Minnesota to win the Super Bowl in 2024.

The Vikings had 35-1 odds to win the Super Bowl before the season began, which fell to 65-1 after a 20-17 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

⭐️ Week 1+3500
⭐️ Week 2+6500
⭐️ Week 3+7000
⭐️ Week 4+8000
⭐️ Week 5+6000
⭐️ Week 6+9000
⭐️ Week 7+9000
⭐️ Week 8+6500
⭐️ Week 9+15000
⭐️ Week 10+15000
⭐️ Week 11+9000
⭐️ Week 12+7500
⭐️ Week 13+12000
⭐️ Week 14+12000
⭐️ Week 15+12000
⭐️ Week 16+15000
⭐️ Week 17+18000
⭐️ Week 18+80000
✅ Data Last Verified by ExpertMay 8, 2024

I will be tracking the movement in the Vikings' Super Bowl odds each week. Make sure to check back every week during the regular season for a week-by-week breakdown.

Vikings Preseason Super Bowl Odds Every Year Since 2000

Here's a look at the Vikings' preseason odds from past years.

📆 2022-2023Preseason Odds = +4000
📆 2021-2022Preseason Odds = +4000
📆 2020-2021Preseason Odds = +2500
📆 2019-2020Preseason Odds = +2000
📆 2018-2019Preseason Odds = +1000
📆 2017-2018Preseason Odds = +4000
📆 2016-2017Preseason Odds = +2000
📆 2015-2016Preseason Odds = +4000
📆 2014-2015Preseason Odds = +5000
📆 2013-2014Preseason Odds = +4000
📆 2012-2013Preseason Odds = +12500
📆 2011-2012Preseason Odds = +5000
📆 2010-2011Preseason Odds = +1400
📆 2009-2010Preseason Odds = +1600
📆 2008-2009Preseason Odds = +1700
📆 2007-2008Preseason Odds = +5000
📆 2006-2007Preseason Odds = +3000
📆 2005-2006Preseason Odds = +1800
📆 2004-2005Preseason Odds = +2000
📆 2003-2004Preseason Odds = +2500
📆 2002-2003Preseason Odds = +3000
📆 2001-2002Preseason Odds = +1800
📆 2000-2001Preseason Odds = +4000

Latest Updates Impacting Vikings Odds to Win SB LVIII

To keep Vikings fans updated on the 2023 season, here is all of the latest news and developments regarding the Minnesota Vikings that could impact their Super Bowl chances:

  • 📅 Jan. 3, 2024: The Vikings will go back to QB Nick Mullens as their starter in Week 18.
  • 📅 Dec. 28, 2023: Rookie Jaren Hall will start vs. the Packers, marking the fourth QB change for the Vikings this season.
  • 📅 Dec. 26, 2023: TE T.J. Hockenson will miss the rest of the 2023 season with a torn ACL and MCL.
  • 📅 Dec. 12, 2023: Mullens is named the starter after two consecutive poor performances from Dobbs.
  • 📅 Dec. 10, 2023: WR Justin Jefferson returns from injured reserve, but leaves game early due to chest injury.
  • 📅 Nov. 13, 2023: The Vikings sign LB Anthony Barr, who spent 8 seasons in Minnesota, in the wake of Jordan Hicks' leg injury.
  • 📅 Nov. 5, 2023: RB Cam Akers tears his Achilles and is out for the rest of the season.
  • 📅 Oct. 31, 2023: The Vikings trade for Cardinals QB Josh Dobbs, who started all 8 games for Arizona to start the season.
  • 📅 Oct. 29, 2023: QB Kirk Cousins tears his Achilles and is out for the rest of the season.
  • 📅 Oct. 18, 2023: Pass rusher Marcus Davenport is placed on IR, meaning he'll miss at least 4 games.
  • 📅 Sept. 20, 2023: The Vikings trade for Rams RB Cam Akers.
  • 📅 Aug. 31, 2023: TE T.J. Hockenson signs a four-year, $66M contract extension.
  • 📆 June 9, 2023: The Vikings released starting RB Dalvin Cook.
  • 📅 April 27, 2023: The Vikings draft USC WR Jordan Addison with the No. 23 overall pick in the draft.
  • 📆 April 25, 2023: The Vikings pick up WR Justin Jefferson's fifth-year option.
  • 📅 March 16, 2023: Safety Harrison Smith and RB Alexander Mattison return to the team on free agency deals.

Bookmark this page and check back. We’ll update this as the Vikings continue to make offseason moves.

Minnesota Vikings Schedule & Betting Lines

📅 Week 1❌ TB 20, MIN 17
📅 Week 2❌ PHI 34, MIN 28
📅 Week 3❌ LAC 28, MIN 24
📅 Week 4✅ MIN 21, CAR 13
📅 Week 5❌ KC 27, MIN 20
📅 Week 6✅ MIN 19, CHI 13
📅 Week 7✅ SF 17, MIN 22
📅 Week 8✅ MIN 24, GB 10
📅 Week 9✅ MIN 31, ATL 28
📅 Week 10✅ NO 19, MIN 27
📅 Week 11❌ MIN 20, DEN 21
📅 Week 12❌ CHI 12, MIN 10
📅 Week 13: BYE🏈 N/A
📅 Week 14✅ MIN 3, LV 0
📅 Week 15❌ CIN 27, MIN 24 (OT)
📅 Week 16❌ DET 30, MIN 24
📅 Week 17 vs. GB❌ GB 33, MIN 10
📅 Week 18 @ DET🏈 MIN +3.5, ML +150
✅ Data Verified by ExpertMay 8, 2024

Key Contributors Toward Vikings Super Bowl Odds

As we approach the end of the regular season, there's no doubt the quarterbacks have been key contributors to the Vikings Super Bowl odds, both positively and negatively. A look at the passing stat line for 2023 illustrates just how inconsistent this season has been:

  • Kirk Cousins: 2,331 yards, 18 TDs, 5 INTs in 8 games
  • Nick Mullens: 901 yards, 5 TDs, 6 INTs in 4 games
  • Josh Dobbs: 895 yards, 5 TDs, 5 INTs in 5 games
  • Jaren Hall: 168 yards, no TDs, 1 INT in 3 games

It definitely makes me wonder what could have been if Cousins hadn't gone down when he did...

Where Can I Bet on the Minnesota Vikings to Win the Super Bowl?

You can bet on the Vikings to win the Super Bowl on most major Minnesota sportsbook apps including BetMGM, Caesars, FanDuel and DraftKings. Bettors must be at least 21 years old and within a state with legal sports betting.

Unfortunately, sports betting in Minnesota is not yet legal. Bettors will have to place their Vikings' Super Bowl wager in a state that offers legalized sports betting.

Popular Types of Betting on Vikings Super Bowl Odds

Though sports betting isn't legal in Minnesota yet, it's never too early to study up on the best types of Vikings bets.

Latest Promotions, Offers & Bonuses

There is a chance that Minnesota sportsbooks could be introduced in 2024. When the opportunity arises, there will be a large range of tempting Minnesota sports betting promotions.


In the offseason, "futures" is a very popular NFL bet type. Future bets include predicting the Super Bowl winner, conference winners, division winners, teams to make the playoffs, win totals, and so much more.

Super Bowl 58 will be played on February 11th, 2024. However, Super Bowl odds are already available on most major sportsbooks for fans to place a wager on their favorite NFL team before the regular season even kickoffs. Bettors can also place future bets on the Vikings to make the playoffs, win the NFC North, or win the NFC Championship.

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Point Spread

A point spread (or betting line) shows each team with a (+) or (-) handicap. When betting on the point spread, you are predicting that the team will "cover the spread". If a team has a (-) point spread, they are the favorite in the matchup and need to win the game by more than the spread listed. If a team has a (+) point spread, they are the underdog in the matchup and have to lose by less than the spread listed (or win the game).


When betting on the Super Bowl total points over/under, you have to decide if the two teams will combine for more (bet over) or fewer (bet under) points than the point total set by oddsmakers.

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Vikings Super Bowl History

The Minnesota Vikings were one of the most dominate teams to start the Super Bowl era, appearing in the big game four times from 1969 to 1976. Unfortunately for the Vikings, they were defeated each time and they have not made it back to the Super Bowl since the 1976 season. Minnesota lost to the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl IV, 23-7; the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VIII, 24-7; the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl IX, 16-6; and the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XI, 32-14.

Have the Vikings Ever Won the Super Bowl?

No. The Vikings have an all-time Super Bowl record of 0-4. They are tied with the Buffalo Bills for the most Super Bowl appearances without a victory.

How Many Super Bowls Have the Minnesota Vikings Won?

Zero. The Vikings are one of 12 teams to have yet to win a Super Bowl. The Vikings and the Bills are the only teams that have appeared in four or more Super Bowls but have zero such wins.

Which Years Did the Minnesota Vikings Go to the Super Bowl?

The Vikings appeared in four Super Bowls from 1969 to 1976. Unfortunately, the Vikings lost each matchup by 10+ points and have not made it back to the big game since the 1976 season.

  • 🏈 1969-70 (Super Bowl IV): Loss to Chiefs, 23-7
  • 🏈 1973-74 (Super Bowl VIII): Loss to Dolphins, 24-7
  • 🏈 1974-75 (Super Bowl IX): Loss to Steelers, 16-6
  • 🏈 1976-77 (Super Bowl XI): Loss to Raiders, 32-14

Bud Grant was the head coach for every Super Bowl appearance, as the Vikings' fearsome "Purple People Eaters" on defense and Fran Tarkenton and Chuck Foremon on offense helped lead Minnesota into the Super Bowl on four separate occasions. The Vikings never played their best game, though, scoring only a total of 27 points in four losses.

How Many Times Have the Vikings Been to the NFC Championship Game?

The Vikings have played in the NFC Championship game nine times in team history: 1973, 1974, 1976, 1977, 1987, 1998, 2000, 2009, and 2017 seasons. Minnesota has a 3-6 overall record in the NFC Championship but they have lost in each of their last six appearances. The Vikings 0-6 record since 1977 in conference championships in the worst among all NFL teams.

  • ✅ 1973-74: Vikings 27, Cowboys 10
  • ✅ 1974-75: Rams 10, Vikings 14
  • ✅ 1976-77: Rams 13, Vikings 24
  • ❌ 1977-78: Cowboys 23, Vikings 6
  • ❌ 1987-88: Redskins 17, Vikings 10
  • ❌ 1998-99: Falcons 30, Vikings 27
  • ❌ 2000-01: Giants 41, Vikings 0
  • ❌ 2009-10: Saints 31, Vikings 28
  • ❌ 2017-18: Eagles 38, Vikings 7

Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl FAQs


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