Best Minnesota Sports Betting Promo Codes: Top MN Sportsbook Promos for 2024 Launch

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Must be 21+ to participate and present in MN. T&Cs apply.
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If the latest efforts to legalize sports betting are successful, Minnesota sportsbooks could be introduced by the end of 2023. When the opportunity arises, they will offer a range of tempting Minnesota sports betting promos to the residents of the North Star State.

Best Minnesota Sports Betting Promo Codes & Bonuses: June 2024

Minnesota sportsbook users will benefit from a plethora of exciting welcome offers by using promo codes. It will be intriguing to witness the types of bonuses that top operators will provide based on their previous activities.

βœ… BetMGM Sportsbook:STATESBONUSMGM ($1,000)
βœ… Caesars Sportsbook: Highest Value Minnesota Sportsbook Promo
βœ… DraftKings Sportsbook:Trending Minnesota Sportsbook Promo Code
βœ… FanDuel Sportsbook:No-Sweat Minnesota Sportsbook Promo Code
πŸ“† Promo Codes Last Verified:June 5, 2024 will check out the top Minnesota sports betting promo codes regularly. Be sure to check back often for the latest information once legalized sports betting is a reality in Minnesota. If you want a top-tier analysis of the best Minnesota sportsbook promos sent straight to your inbox, follow the steps below: 

Must be 21+ to participate and present in MN. T&Cs apply.

Best Minnesota Sportsbook Promo Code: BetMGM

Once they legalize sports betting in the state, this will be a Minnesota betting promo that offers genuine value and flexibility to new users. The BetMGM Minnesota bonus code comes in the form of bonus bets if your first bet loses – up to a value of $1,000. 

Minnesota sports betting promos like this will take the pressure off your initial wager. If that opening bet wins, you get your payout as normal; but if it loses, you get your stake back to play again. In other states with legalized sports betting, this offer tends to be one of the most popular on the market. 

To claim this offer, bettors in Minnesota must be physically present in a state where sports betting is legal.

πŸ’° Bonus Bet ValueπŸ’΅ $1,000
πŸ“ Sportsbook Promo CodeπŸš€ STATESBONUSMGM
πŸ•° Time Limit to Claim Offer⏰ 7 Days
βœ… Info Last VerifiedπŸ“… June 5, 2024

Why We Like This Promotion

Minnesota sports betting promo codes of this style give you an enjoyable start to life as a customer of an online sportsbook. You can play your stake for a second time if your first bet loses, with a refund available up to a maximum of $1,000. Our gaming experts view this as one of the best offers on the market, and this sportsbook is one of the best sports betting sites in the industry. 

How Does This Offer Work?

In the event that your initial bet is unsuccessful, you will receive a reimbursement of your wager. If your bet is under $50, you will be given one bonus bet. If your bet is over $50, you will receive five bonus bets, each valued at 20% of your original wager. These bonus bets must be used within seven days by sports bettors.

Highest Valued Minnesota Sports Betting Promo Code: Caesars

No Minnesota sports betting promo codes are available yet – but when they are, the Caesar Minnesota promo code will be well worth checking out.

This will likely be a refund of up to $1,250 on a losing first bet. This tends to be the highest upper limit on any welcome bonus of this style. Your stake will be refunded in bonus bet credits, which must be used within 14 days.

What adds value to this Minnesota sports betting promo is that you also get 2,000 tier credits and reward credits for the operator’s highly-rated rewards program.

πŸ’° Bonus Bet ValueπŸ’΅ $1,250
πŸ“ Sports Betting Promo CodeπŸš€ COMING SOON
πŸ•° Time Limit to Claim Offer⏰ 14 Days
βœ… Offer Last VerifiedπŸ“… June 5, 2024

Why We Like This Promotion

The maximum refund of $1,250 is higher than what virtually all rival online sportsbooks offer. As with other bonuses, the pressure is off when you place your first wager; if it wins, you get your payout, but if it loses, you get a second chance.

How Does This Offer Work?

Register for an account, make your first deposit, and place your initial bet. If it loses, you receive bonus bet credits that must be used in one bet at the sportsbook within 14 days.

Trending Minnesota Sportsbook Promo Code: DraftKings

The DraftKings Minnesota promo will likely offer an outstanding welcome offer to new users who complete the registration process.

As soon as you’ve made your first deposit – which can be as little as $5 – stake $5 on any selection, and you will be credited with $200 in bonus bets. This offer is activated whether or not your initial wager is a winner.

In return for a relatively small up-front investment, you take delivery of bonus bets – usually eight $25 wagers – that allow you to get off to a winning start at this highly-rated operator.

πŸ’° Bonus Bet ValueπŸ’΅ $200
πŸ“ Sportsbook Promo CodeπŸš€ COMING SOON
πŸ•° Time Limit to Claim Offer⏰ 14 Days
βœ… Info Last VerifiedπŸ“… June 5, 2024

Why We Like This Promotion

The chance to boost your betting bankroll significantly in return for a relatively modest investment is always a great welcome offer. This will be one of the most popular Minnesota betting promos among sports bettors in the North Star State.

How Does This Offer Work?

Your account is credited with $200 in the form of bonus bets once you place a first wager of just $5, whether it wins or loses. If it wins, you also get your payout; you have seven days to place those bonus bets.

No-Sweat Minnesota Sportsbook Promo Code: FanDuel

Many Minnesota sports betting promos will come in the form of a no-sweat first bet – and the FanDuel Minnesota promo is the market leader of this bet type.

This is a popular style of Minnesota sportsbook promotion. It takes the heat off the first bet for new users. If you pick a winner, you get your payout, but if it’s a loser, your stake of up to $1,000 is returned in bonus bet credits.

It’s worth noting that this credit can be used in any combination of stakes you like, rather than as a series of smaller bets with a specified cap or as one large bonus bet. This welcome offer gives the bettor an unrivaled level of freedom as they kickstart their new account with one of the best sports betting sites in the industry.

πŸ’° Bonus Bet ValueπŸ’΅ $1,000
πŸ“ Sportsbook Promo CodeπŸš€ COMING SOON
πŸ•° Time Limit to Claim Offer⏰ 14 Days
βœ… Info Last VerifiedπŸ“… June 5, 2024

Why We Like This Promotion

Minnesota sportsbook promos like this will always be popular because they remove the pressure of starting with a winning bet. It's a classic type of welcome offer for a reason. We also like that there are no restrictions on how you use your bonus bet credits. When looking at the promos other online sportsbooks offer, this deal can go toe-to-toe with almost any other operator on the market. 

How Does This Offer Work?

Sign up for an account and place your first bet after making your initial deposit. If it wins, you get your usual payout; if it loses, your stake of up to $1,000 is refunded in bet credits that must be used within 14 days.

How Do I Claim Minnesota Sports Betting Promo Codes?

You should not have to look too hard for Minnesota sportsbook promo codes – they will come to you once they legalize sports betting. The best sports betting sites will distribute these offers as soon as they can.

Look out for them in advertising and marketing materials, and keep them safe for use when the time comes. You can use them to claim your Minnesota betting promos when you sign up as a new sportsbook user.

How Do I Enter a Minnesota Sportsbook Bonus Code?

Minnesota sports betting promo codes are designed to be deployed by new users during the registration process at a sportsbook.

While you are entering all the information an operator is required by law to collect from you, there should come a point when a well-signposted box appears. This is where you enter the sequence of letters and numbers that makes up an MN sports betting promo code.

Fill in the code correctly, and your MN betting bonus will be ready to use once your mobile betting account is verified. 

Are Minnesota Betting Promo Codes Available on Sports Betting Apps? 

Yes, bettors will be able to take advantage of welcome offers, like a deposit match, on both desktop and MN sports betting apps. Bettors should be able to use whatever platform they'd prefer when activating these offers. 

Additional Minnesota Sportsbook Promos: June 2024

With all that being said, not all promotional offers require the use of a specific code. Sometimes, it's as simple as following the right link or checking the right box. We broke down some additional Minnesota sportsbook promos in the below section: 

πŸ’°BetMGM SportsbookSingle-Game Parlay Insurance
πŸ’°Caesars Sportsbook Profits for the People
πŸ’°DraftKings Sportsbook$1,000 Deposit Match
πŸ“† Promo Codes Last Verified:June 5, 2024

Single-Game Parlay Insurance - BetMGM

BetMGM Minnesota will probably offer you the chance to rescue some reward from a same-game parlay that goes awry. If you place a parlay with a minimum of four legs at odds of at least +400, your bet will qualify for insurance. This means that if just one leg lets you down, you'll get your stake back in bonus bets up to a limit of $25.

Profits For The People - Caesars

Caesars Minnesota customers will enjoy a host of Minnesota betting promos with this notably energetic brand. One type of MN sports betting bonus will likely be the Profits For The People boosts applied to certain sports. Look out for the tokens you can use on particular bets to increase your payout by 50% or even 100%.

$1,000 Deposit Match - DraftKings

DraftKings Minnesota players should get the opportunity to increase their betting bankroll immediately as part of the welcome bonus. You can get a 20% boost on your initial deposit, up to a maximum of $1,000. That means you’ll need to invest $5,000 to get the full benefit of this Minnesota sportsbook promo.

Under the Radar Minnesota Sports Betting Promos

We've covered the heavy hitters in the state, but there are plenty of lesser-known mobile betting brands that bettors should also be aware of. Here are some other excellent Minnesota sportsbook bonuses to look out for after they legalize sports betting, as bettors won't want to miss a free bet:

It'll be fascinating to see what Fanatics Sportsbook Minnesota does at launch. The merchandise titan is expanding to the sports betting industry, and Minnesota could be one of the first few states it ends up launching in. As this will be a brand-new book, bettors could be gifted some very lucrative bonus bet credits to sign up. 

One of the most consistent performers in the country, WynnBET Minnesota should be an excellent addition to the market as well. This operator has been known to launch with a welcome promotion that nets bettors about $100 in bonus bets, and the minimal playthrough requirements have made this offer a favorite of many bettors across the country. 

At launch, we're expecting SuperBook Minnesota to offer one of the most competitive welcome promotions in the market. The sportsbook is expected to match a new user's first bet with the book (up to $1,000). This should be a tremendous offer that many other sportsbooks struggle to compete with. 

How Do I Claim Minnesota Sportsbook Promos?

You will be able to claim Minnesota sportsbook promos when you go through the registration process to open a new account. Leading online sportsbooks offer an attention-grabbing bonus code to attract new customers.

Some online betting sites don't require promo codes, and when a code is unavailable, claiming an offer is generally as simple as checking the right box or following the correct link.

Who Can Claim Minnesota Sports Betting Promos?

Minnesota sportsbook promos can be used by new users when opening an account. Any welcome bonus should be available to all new customers. Other offers will be available to veteran players, though welcome offers are a little more common and often more lucrative.

However, you will need to be physically located within the North Star State – online sportsbooks use geolocation technology to check this. You must also be over 21 to register as a customer and enjoy Minnesota sports betting promotions. 

We should note that the specifications could change as the Minnesota Indian Gaming Association works out legal kinks with MN officials. 

Why Do MN Sportsbooks Offer Promo Codes?

Minnesota sports betting promo codes tend to be used by the operators to attract new customers. This creates a win-win scenario for new players; with the sportsbooks competing for the attention of these users, operators offer uniquely valuable deals to help them stand out from the rest of the pack.

Of course, these sportsbooks also offer deals to veteran players to inspire loyalty and keep bettors engaged with their platform. Whatever the reason, these offers tend to be a real boon for both new and veteran bettors alike.

Do I Need a Minnesota Sportsbook Promo Code? 

It's important to note that bettors are not required to use a Minnesota sportsbook promo code when creating an account. While the offers can give bettors some significant bonuses and perks, they are not a requirement, and users can start betting without them.

So while they are not required, they are recommended – when used responsibly.

Are Minnesota Sportsbook Promos and Bonuses the Same?

Amid all the noise and excitement generated by online betting sites offering Minnesota sportsbook promos, you may hear the words β€œpromos” and β€œbonuses” and wonder if there is any difference between them.

The answer is no; any Minnesota betting bonus or promo is offering the same thing – the chance to add to your wagering power in one of many ways. Whether they are called Minnesota sports betting promos or bonuses, the result should be identical.

Are Minnesota Sportsbook Bonuses Worth it?

Some new users will wonder if Minnesota sportsbook promos deliver any benefit, or if they are just too good to be true. Surely there’s a catch?

As long as you apply the principles of responsible gaming when you use your Minnesota sports betting bonuses, there are genuine benefits to be enjoyed with them. Ensure you understand all the conditions and wagering requirements, and your Minnesota sportsbook bonus can get your sports betting off to a fun start.

Types of Minnesota Sportsbook Promos and Bonuses

When the time comes, you will find that Minnesota sports betting promos come in various forms. Some are sign-up offers that an MN sports betting bonus code may activate. Others are available regularly to existing customers. All, however, should add a little extra pep to your sports wagering experience, whether it's juicing a payout or generating more competitive odds. 

Below, we'll break down some terms that these online betting sites frequently use to help you decide when activating these offers.

Second-Chance Bets

Many online sportsbooks offer a welcome bonus in the form of a second chance to use your first stake. Once you’ve signed up and made your initial deposit, place your initial wager and, if it loses, you get your stake back. This will be either in the form of bet credits or bonus bets.

Offers like these will often be activated by Minnesota sports betting promo codes and can be used on various wager types, including point spreads and moneyline bets.

Deposit Bonuses

Some Minnesota sports betting promotions aimed at new customers offer the opportunity to increase the balance of your account when you make your initial deposit. Sometimes, you might even see your balance doubled by a deposit bonus.

MN betting bonuses like this are popular because they allow you to explore your new sportsbook and its markets. With an increased bankroll, bettors might, for instance, decide to try out a new bet type, like prop bets or futures. Bettors should always use a deposit bonus when available, as they're an excellent option. 

No-Deposit Promo

Occasionally, you will see a Minnesota sports betting bonus applied before you have to invest a cent of your own money. No-deposit bonuses offer you a small sum, maybe $20 or $50, simply for signing up for an account. It's different from a deposit bonus, but the benefits of this should be self-evident. 

This means you can play at a sportsbook and enjoy wagers such as point spreads or prop bets without costing you anything. Of course, the hope is that you have so much fun that you are happy to make your initial deposit and continue playing.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses operate like deposit bonuses and are offered as an incentive to existing customers to top up their accounts. In the case of these Minnesota betting promos, you will be able to put a certain sum in your account – and the sportsbook will match it. The difference here is that reload bonuses are for existing players, while deposit matches tend to be geared toward first-time users.

MN sports betting promos like these are popular with regular players. You feel that your loyalty has been noticed and rewarded – and you have extra wagering power to play with. However, we suggest you bear responsible gaming principles in mind and don't invest too much simply to qualify for a bigger reload bonus.

Referral Bonuses

Competition between sportsbooks for bettors will always be intense – so if you help one to sign up a new player, you should expect a reward. A referral bonus will be generated after one of your friends signs up for an account through a unique referral link you give them.

Once your pal registers, makes their first deposit and starts placing bets, it should activate a bonus for you and them. This is usually in the form of bonus bets, normally worth about $50 each. Of course, the specifics will vary from operator to operator.

Odds Boosts

The Minnesota sports betting promotions you will see most regularly at online sportsbooks are odds boosts. Operators dish out these odds boosts so frequently that many have dedicated odds boosts sections on their website and app.

An odds boost is a great way to enjoy an enhanced payout on a bet you want to place. Some books offer several odds boosts every day – you should be able to see the original price to work out how big the juice is, and how much bigger your payout could be. They can increase payouts or ensure you're dealing with more competitive odds. Overall, odds boosts are one of the most valuable offer types in the industry. 

Important Terms to Know About Minnesota Betting Offers

When you want to take advantage of the benefits delivered by Minnesota sports betting promo codes, it’s essential to read the fine print. Only by checking all the terms and conditions can you be sure you make the most of your promotional betting experience.

Playthrough Requirements

It’s always wise to check playthrough requirements when using Minnesota sportsbook promo codes. There may be instances when you have to play through the amount of your first deposit several times before your money is available in the form of withdrawable cash. Essentially, this means you might have to bet with those promotional funds a few times before you're able to withdraw the cash.

Some sportsbooks will let you take your funds out after a single play. Others impose a far higher limit; it is worth researching any MN sports betting promotion carefully to ensure you understand the playthrough requirement.

Time Limits

Time limits can be applied in various ways to Minnesota sports betting promos. You may have to place a qualifying first bet within a specific number of days of opening your account, for instance.

You will almost certainly have to use any bonus bets relatively quickly. The timeframe varies between operators, but if you don’t place those bets within seven or 14 days, the bets in question can disappear from your account, which is always a disappointing outcome. 

Minimum Odds

If you place your first bet at short odds to qualify for a welcome bonus, be careful that the odds aren’t too short.

Many operators limit the odds at which a bet can be placed. Sometimes this is as low as -300, but it can be as much as -150 in other places. Some operators or promos impose no minimum at all.

To avoid the disappointment of missing out on your bonus when using an MN sportsbook promo code, be sure to check the terms and conditions carefully.

Minimum & Maximum Wagers

There will almost certainly be a minimum amount you must stake to qualify for your bonus. In most instances, this is $10 – but at DraftKings MN it may be as low as $5, while Caesars MN may impose a minimum of $20.

It is less that you will find any MN sports betting promotions with a maximum wager. However, there could be an upper limit on the bonus you receive.

If you use an operator offering a second chance to use your first wager, you can stake more than a limit of $1,000 or $1,250 – but that is the maximum refund you will receive. It's common to see maximum limits placed on odds boosts to limit the sportsbook's risk. 

Maximum Wins and Withdrawals

The upper limit on wins and withdrawals relating to Minnesota betting promos can vary between operators – and between promotions. If you are a high roller and need to know the maximums, it is worth checking the fine print on your odds boosts. 

When it comes to withdrawals, most sportsbooks impose a limit on the amount you can take out of your account each day. This will vary between operators and the banking methods you want to use to get hold of your funds.

How Do Sportsbooks Pay Out Bet Credits?

Many Minnesota betting bonuses will be paid through bet credits or bonus bets. Bet credits can be used only to place wagers through your sportsbook account.

They do not hold any real-money value and cannot be withdrawn as cash immediately. The only way to convert them into actual money is to place bets that generate winnings, which can then be transferred to your personal bank account.

How Long Does it Take for Bonus Funds to Arrive?

When you use Minnesota sportsbook promo codes, you want to know how quickly the resulting bonus funds will appear in your account. In most instances, this will be extremely quick. It is not in the interests of any sportsbook to leave you hanging around waiting to play.

However, the precise time can vary between promotions and operators. For instance, your refund in bet credits of a losing first bet could take up to 24 hours. While applying a boost to your initial deposit may be much swifter.

Minnesota Betting Promos by Sports

Minnesota is a state that loves its sports – and, with representatives in all the big four leagues, there are plenty of local teams for people here to root for and bet on. As a result, it is a certainty that many Minnesota sportsbook promo codes will be usable for wagering on particular sports.


NFL Bonuses

You will definitely be able to use Minnesota sportsbook promo codes to bet on the NFL. The presence of the Vikings in the state ensures a high profile for football. Especially since the Vikings playoff chances are looking pretty good this season. 

Football is a sport that lends itself to wagering, especially in-play bets, while many bettors enjoy point spreads and parlay bets on NFL game days. Your Minnesota sports betting promos will definitely be usable on the biggest football action. 

NBA Bonuses

Basketball is another sport with a huge national profile among fans and bettors alike. And the presence of the Minnesota Timberwolves ensures there is always a high level of interest in the latest hoops action across the North Star State.

Look out for Minnesota sports betting promo codes that can be used to place wagers on the Timberwolves. There may also be Minnesota sportsbook promotions specifically geared to big games involving the team during the NBA season.

MLB Bonuses

You will be able to use Minnesota sportsbook promos to bet on the best Major League Baseball action – and not only when the Minnesota Twins are on the field.

The presence of the Twins gives the MLB a high profile in the state, and there may be special Minnesota betting promos if the team make another run for their divisional title.

Baseball’s evergreen appeal to American sports fans ensures there will always be a consistent level of interest in it. The frequent breaks in play also make it perfect for live wagering.

College Sports Bonuses

If wagering on college sports is permitted, there will be plenty of fans keen to use Minnesota sports betting promos to place bets on college games.

The presence of good teams such as the Minnesota Golden Gophers and the St Thomas Tommies in the state helps to give college sports a high profile here.

Some states don’t allow wagering on in-state teams, while others impose no restrictions. College sports fans will be hoping they are at liberty to use Minnesota sportsbook promos to get involved in their favorite NCAA football and basketball teams.

NHL Bonuses

You will be able to use bonus bets and offers like a deposit match generated by Minnesota sports betting promotions to wager on top hockey action. The presence of the Minnesota Wild ensures a high level of interest in the NHL across the North Star State.

If you have an MN betting bonus code and want to use it to place a wager on hockey, you will be able to do so. Look out for special Minnesota sports betting promos around the start of the NHL season, and on big games involving the Wild.

Pros & Cons of Minnesota Betting Promo Codes

For most bettors, there are plenty of upsides to using Minnesota sportsbook promo codes. However, there may be circumstances in which they do not work for you. 


  • βœ… They can make your initial dealings with an online sportsbook hassle-free and fun
  • βœ… You can boost the amount of money in your account and place more bets
  • βœ… Extra funds mean you can try out new sports, markets and bet types


  • ❌ The minimum stake on some Minnesota betting promos may be too high for some
  • ❌ Bonuses may encourage you to wager on sports with which you are not familiar

Do I Have to Pay Taxes?

There is no direct tax to pay on any Minnesota sports betting promotions. However, the IRS considers all money generated by gambling to be taxable income – so if you enjoy a big win by using a Minnesota betting bonus code, you can expect to pay tax on it.

You may have to pay both state and federal taxes on your betting winnings, and it is always advisable to keep accurate records on your payouts. For more tax-related advice, check out our Minnesota Gambling Tax Calculator page. 

It's important to note that this is a developing situation, and as lawmakers hammer out the details alongside the Minnesota Indian Gaming Association, the tax information is subject to shift. 

Minnesota Sports Betting Promos: Final Thoughts

People in the North Star State interested in gambling can expect to see a host of Minnesota sports betting promo codes issued when wagering on sports is legalized here.

MN betting promo codes are designed to tempt you to open an account with a particular sportsbook – but they generate genuine value if you use them well. They can increase the payout or ensure your betting with even more competitive odds. 

Indeed, nothing can stop you from opening several accounts and enjoying the benefits of several MN sports betting bonus codes.

As you can see, Minnesota sportsbook promos will come in various shapes and sizes. Just as it’s always worth checking the small print, it’s also ideal to research to ensure the bonus you receive will suit your style of placing sports bets.

When legal sports betting comes to Minnesota, sportsbook promo codes will play a key role in raising awareness of the delights of wagering on sports. When sports betting companies try to attract your attention and your custom, they also showcase the enjoyment to be had generally from the activity.

Minnesota Sports Betting Promo Codes FAQ


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