Minnesota’s Favorite Cities To Visit

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It’s the summer holiday season in the state of Minnesota, with kids out of school and summer heating up for another magnificent couple of months in the state. Minnesota is a great place to vacation, so members of the state don’t often need to look far to enjoy the outdoors, booking camping trips and lake visits to many of the 14,380 lakes around. With such a large amount of lakes, it’s really no wonder they call Minnesota the Land of the Lakes. 

Being such a beautiful location, Minnesota surely is a desired place for many people from other states to come and visit and soon enough they can enjoy the best Minnesota sportsbooks. For residents of the state it is nice to get away and see some other areas of the country, especially during the winter months when snow and freezing temperatures take over the cities and lakes and leave people dreaming of warmer climates. Even in summer, some Minnesotans like to get away from all of the outsiders taking in the beauty of their state and take themselves and their families to other areas across the United States.

Minnesota also has the advantage of being the home of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, one of the nation’s largest airports with direct flights to several great destinations.

Top 3 Cities To Visit for Minnesota Residents

With the holiday season in full swing, MinnesotaBets.com wanted to see what cities across the USA Minnesotans want to visit most. To do so, we utilized Google Trends to determine the most searched cities in Minnesota by utilizing the term ‘Flights to” and finding the most often searched city at the end of the phrase. After completing the trends over the past 12 months, we were able to find results to get the top three cities for the state.

1 ✈ Las Vegas, NV
2 ✈ Chicago, IL
3 ✈ Phoenix, AZ

Sin City for The Win

To no surprise, Las Vegas ranks at the top of the list. Vegas has many attractions, particularly its casino scene and the Vegas Strip is on most people’s bucket lists. In addition, the city is in a much warmer climate than Minnesota while not being too far away. Fans of the Minnesota Vikings or Minnesota Wild can visit Las Vegas to see their favorite teams play the Raiders or Golden Knights while escaping the winter cold, making Vegas a perfect destination for Minnesotans. There are no shortage of options for direct flights from Minnesota to Las Vegas, with several non-stop trips being taken daily with an average time of 3.5 hours and an average price just over $150 USD.

Chicago is another popular location to travel to. The climate is similar to Minnesota’s, so Chicago is more likely to be a summer trip. With a distance of only 334 miles in the air, the flight is just over an hour and the trip can even be taken by car. Minnesotans can expect a price of around $260 USD to fly to Chicago. Minnesotans could visit the Art Institute of Chicago, the Field Museum, the Navy Pier and more and can also watch the Wild play the Blackhawks, the Twins play the White Sox or Cubs, the Vikings play the Bears or the Timberwolves play the Bulls. It’s a perfect spot for a quick weekend getaway but also has enough attractions to play host for a longer period of time.

The final city on the list is another warm-weather location. Phoenix, Arizona is a winter hotspot for many people who live in colder climates such as Minnesota. It’s a 3.5-hour non-stop trip from Minneapolis and flights can often be found for under $300 USD. Arizona is also a popular place for Minnesotans to move to after retirement, and census data in 2019 suggested that over 25,000 Minnesotans moved to the state in the decade prior. For those not wanting to move there full time, entire winters can be spent in Arizona and the beautiful summers can still be enjoyed at home in the Land of the Lakes.

The North Star State will be even more desirable to visit once Minnesota online casinos become legal. Progress seems to be trending in the right direction. Bookmark MinnesotaBets.com so we can keep you up with all of the latest news and developments surrounding online gambling.


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