Minnesota Going To The Movie Theaters Most In 2023

Fact Checked by Nate Hamilton

There are few experiences in life that match the thrill of a night at a local movie theater, with all the thrills, chills, and spills of the big screen from the comfort of your city or town.  

That seems to be especially true in states like Minnesota, which leads the nation in search volume interest topics related to cinemas.  

With National Movie Theatre Day coming on April 23rd, we decided to take a break from Minnesota sports betting and look at the states that are still going to the theater to check out the newest flick, instead of streaming it at home.

States Going To The Movie Theater The Most In 2023

MinnesotaBets.com utilized Google Trends to see the search volume in each of the US states for “Movie Theater Near Me” “Movie Showtimes” “Movies Playing Near Me” over the past 12 months. Once receiving the results, we averaged out the ranking across the 3 categories to get the Top 10. 

Here's what we found for the Land of 10,000 Lakes:  

RankStateSearch Volume
T-3 California97
T-3 Iowa97
5 Michigan95
6 Oklahoma94
T-7 Idaho93
T-7 Nevada93
9 New Mexico92
10 Arkansas91

Why Minnesota Leads The Way For Movie Theater Interest

One theme that emerges after you read through the nation’s search interest in movie theaters is that Minnesota stands tall on the national stage when it comes to local cinemas.  

With outsized search volume interest in all of the aforementioned criteria related to movie theaters, there’s little doubt that Minnesotans are dedicated to seeing their favorite films at the local cinema.  

Overall, Minnesota finished ahead of states like Texas, which had a total search volume interest of 98, as well as California and Iowa (97 apiece) and Michigan, which rounded out the top five at 95.  

The latter half of the national top 10 when it comes to movie theater search volume included Oklahoma (94), Idaho and Nevada (93 apiece), New Mexico (92), and Arkansas (91).  

Through it all, it appears that the love of seeing a good film in person is something that bonds Minnesotans together, with a shared interest in cinema that few other states can match.  

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Christopher Boan is a lead writer at MinnesotaBets.com, specializing in covering state issues. He has covered sports and sports betting in Arizona for more than seven years, including stops at ArizonaSports.com, the Tucson Weekly and the Green Valley News.