Minnesota’s Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dishes

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One of Minnesota’s favorite holidays is rapidly approaching, with Thanksgiving right around the corner on Nov. 23. As always, Thanksgiving is a popular holiday due to time spent with family giving thanks. For most Minnesotans, the true highlight just might be the amazing food that comes along with the great company.

Food always has been a staple of Thanksgiving, joining family time and Black Friday shopping as one of the main attractions. With Thanksgiving approaching so quickly, MinnesotaBets.com took a break from covering Minnesota sports betting issues to try and figure out which Thanksgiving side dishes are most popular at state dinner tables. We did so by utilizing Google Trends and looking at the search results of each Thanksgiving side dish in the state of Minnesota during the month of November 2022.

Popular Minnesota Thanksgiving Side Dishes

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RankSide DishesInterest Over Time Period
T-2Mashed Potatoes9
T-2Green Bean Casserole9
4Macaroni & Cheese7
4Cranberry Sauce4


Stuffing Mouths with Stuffing

Stuffing came out as the clear top choice in Minnesota, generating almost double the search interest of mashed potatoes and green bean casserole. Stuffing was the most popular by far in both major Minnesota cities, Duluth and Minnesota/St. Paul. Macaroni and cheese checked in at fourth on the list and cranberry sauce was fifth.

Stuffing is a staple at every Thanksgiving table and surely generates extra search volume as there are so many ways it can be made. Thanksgiving purists prefer to cook it inside the bird, but some prefer to serve it as dressing, cooked separately. The debate between what can be truly classified as stuffing and what isn’t also helps stuffing inflate its Google search numbers.

Mashed potatoes are another classic side dish. With turkey, stuffing and potatoes, one could argue that you have all you need for a great meal. However, Thanksgiving wouldn’t be what it is without several members of the table leaving the meal completely stuffed, so extra side dishes like the green bean casserole and macaroni and cheese play a vital role.

Thanksgiving remains one of the most popular times of the year in Minnesota, and with so many delicious food options there is no secret why. The state has spoken: Out of all the side dishes, stuffing still reigns supreme.


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