Earth Day 2023: Minnesota Among Greenest States In U.S.

Earth Day 2023: Minnesota Among Greenest States In U.S.
Fact Checked by Nate Hamilton

With Earth Day on the horizon, many Americans will take stock of their carbon footprint and likely try to find ways to live in harmony with the planet we call home.

Since the holiday’s inception in April 1970, there has been public support, energy, and commitment to save our environment. Numerous laws have been implemented, including the “Clean Air Act” which regulates air emissions from stationary and mobile sources. takes a break from Minnesota sports betting updates and utilized WalletHub and WorldPopulationReview to develop the ranking of the “Greenest States” We utilized WalletHub to get the states with the highest environmental quality. WorldPopulationReview was also used to determine which states have the best eco-friendly behavior practices. Once that information was compiled, a point system was created giving up to 50 points for environmental quality and up to 50 for eco-friendly behavior for each state.

Most Eco-Friendly States of 2023

Here's where the Land of 10K Lakes ranks nationally when it comes to the states that are the most environmentally friendly:

Rank/StateEnvironmental QualityEcofriendly BehaviorTotal
1. Vermont495099
2. Maine474794
3. New York 48 4391
T-4. Minnesota464490
T-4. Maryland 44 4690
6. California374885
7. Hawaii 50 3484
8. Washington38 4583
9. Connecticut 43 3982
10. Massachusetts453580

How "Green" Is Minnesota?

The Gopher State ranks in a tie with Maryland as the fourth “greenest” state in America, thanks in large part to Minnesota’s pristine environment and earth-friendly behavior.

Nationally, Minnesota ranks behind states like Vermont, Maine, and New York, which all scored higher in their environmental rankings.

The North Star State did finish higher than New York when it comes to eco-friendly behavior, though, with Minnesota notching 44 points to 43 points for the Empire State.

Overall, Minnesota and Maryland both finished with 90 points, thanks to each of them scoring 46 and 44 points in the two categories (though each state scored as much in different ones).

Rounding out the top 10 were states like California (85 points), Hawaii (84 points), Washington (83 points), Connecticut (82 points), and Massachusetts (80 points).

When Earth Day returns on Saturday, Minnesota residents can hold their heads high, knowing that the state is doing its fair share to protect the earth.

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