How Has Defense Helped The Minnesota Twins Improve?

How Has Defense Helped The Minnesota Twins Improve?
Fact Checked by Nate Hamilton

Baseball teams that can flash the leather tend to have the most success, but don’t just take my word for it.

This past season, the Minnesota Twins had the third-fewest errors in MLB with 66. The only teams with fewer were the Arizona Diamondbacks (56) and Texas Rangers (57), the two teams that played in the World Series. Meanwhile, the Twins won the American League Central and earned a postseason berth for the first time since 2020.

With the hot stove league in full swing, we wanted to see what teams were the best (or worst) in terms of fielding. used to look at the least to most mistake-prone MLB teams by looking at the average errors per game for each MLB team over the past three seasons.

Least Mistake-Prone MLB Teams

Below is some data that would help future participants of Minnesota betting apps. Here are the top MLB teams that avoided errors best in the last 3 seasons.

RankTeamAverage Errors Per Game
1St. Louis Cardinals0.446
2Seattle Mariners0.450
3Houston Astros0.457
4San Diego Padres0.470
5Atlanta Braves0.480
6Baltimore Orioles0.483
7Texas Rangers0.487
8Tampa Bay Rays0.497
9Arizona Diamondbacks0.500
T-10Los Angeles Dodgers0.503
T-10Toronto Blue Jays0.503
12Kansas City Royals0.507
13New York Mets0.513
14Minnesota Twins0.520
15Colorado Rockies0.523

Twins Leave Room For Improvement

The Twins rank near the middle of the pack, but they’ve made substantial progress in the field over the past two seasons. In 2021, they were third-to-last in MLB with 107 errors, but they cut that down the following season to 83, 13th best in the league.

Just how important is it to field the ball cleanly? The top 11 teams on this list have combined to make 21 postseason trips over the past three seasons. Not coincidentally, the three teams to win the World Series during that span – the Braves, Astros, and Rangers – are among that group.

If Minnesota can repeat its 2023 performance next season, chances are good that they can parlay that into more October baseball. Could that include the Twins first World Series title since 1991? Oddsmakers at ESPN BET give the Twins +3000 odds to win the Series and +1200 odds to win the AL Pennant.

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