Minnesota Is Among Top States Interested In Disc Golf

Minnesota Is Among Top States Interested In Disc Golf
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Summer is in full swing across the nation and people are getting out and enjoying the beautiful weather, especially in states like Minnesota where warm weather is not a year-round luxury. 

One of the most enjoyed summer activities is golf, as the sport saw a spike in popularity during Covid when it was one of the few available opportunities to get out and see friends. However, golf is very time-consuming and can also be quite expensive so a cheaper, quicker alternative became needed for many. 

If you still want the competitiveness, activity and fresh air that golf delivers without sacrificing your entire day and a handful of cash, disc golf is a great alternative that is rising in popularity alongside its more traditional alternative. Maybe disc golf is something Minnesota sportsbooks will feature once sports betting is legal in the state. In disc golf, players start from a designated teeing area and try to get their disc in the special disc golf basket in as few throws as possible. 

Disc golf has gotten so advanced to the point that there are different discs used for different throwing distances, including drivers, mid-range discs and putter discs for short-range shots. Par is often three on a hole, but more elaborate courses can have a mix of par two, three, four and five holes. 

With its popularity rising, disc golf comes with a dedicated day as Aug. 5 is National Disc Golf Day in America. With the growing interest in the sport and Disc Golf Day arriving, MinnesotaBets.com wanted to see which states in the country love disc golf the most and where Minnesota ranks.

States Most Interested in Disc Golf

MinnesotaBets.com utilized 2 combined data points to develop the ranking of the 50 US States from most to least into disc golf. 

We utilized Professional Disc Golf Association’s Course Directory to find the most disc golf course per capita in each state and then Google Trends search interest of the “Disc Golf Near Me” over the past 12 months. Points were rewarded from 50 to 1 based on the states’ ranking in each category.

Rank, State Courses Per Capita Search Interest Total Points
T1. Kansas 50 42 92
T1. Vermont 45 47 92
3. Maine 40 50 90
T4. Wisconsin 43 46 89
T4. Iowa 49 40 89
6. Minnesota 44 43 87
7. Oregon 33 48 81
8. Montana 42 38 80
T9. Colorado 34 45 79
T9. Michigan 30 49 79
11. Idaho 38 33 71
12. Missouri 31 39 70
13. North Carolina 28 41 69
14. Oklahoma 37 30 67
15. Arkansas 35 30 65

Minnesota Loves Disc Golf

Minnesota checks in near the top of the list, with a strong showing in both categories giving it a ranking of sixth overall, trailing Kansas, Vermont, Maine, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Minnesota received 44 points for having a large amount of disc golf courses per capita and 43 points for the Google Search Trends category. 

Kansas rode to victory on the strength of the disc course volume in the state, as they have the most courses per capita, slightly ahead of Iowa. Their search trends were similar to Minnesota but the amount of options for people to play ultimately gave them the edge.

With a lot of summer left, Aug. 5 is the perfect time to celebrate National Disc Golf Day and to get into the sport for the rest of the season. For Minnesotans, there is a great opportunity to play a lot of courses, and finding their locations is often just a Google search away. 

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