Minnesota Sports Betting Bill Gets Its Day In State Legislature

Minnesota Sports Betting Bill Gets Its Day In State Legislature
Fact Checked by Michael Peters

Nine months after the clock struck zero on Minnesota sports betting, it appears the Land of 10,000 Lakes is getting another shot.

A house bill and its companion piece in the Senate are slated to hit the state House this week, giving Minnesota lawmakers a shot at redeeming last year’s failed effort to legalize wagering.

HF-2000 and its companion bill (Senate File 1949) aim to legalize mobile and retail wagering in the state, allowing the state’s 11 Native American tribes to gain exclusive access to licenses.

The legislation, which is sponsored by Rep. Zack Stephenson and a handful of other lawmakers, goes before the House Judiciary Finance and Civil Law Committee on Thursday morning.

Stephenson’s bill includes a 10% tax on all mobile and retail wagers, while mirroring the number of licenses last year’s HF-778 featured (11).

Lawmakers and sports betting supporters are left to hope the second time will be the charm for Minnesota sports betting, as last year’s legislation ultimately died in the Senate after clearing the House by a 70-57 margin.

What Industry Experts Are Saying About Minnesota

Industry experts, such as B Global Managing Partner Brendan Bussmann, appear optimistic 2023 could indeed be the year for sports betting in Minnesota.

Much of Bussmann’s optimism comes from the lack of objection the state’s sports teams have voiced over not getting sports betting licenses, along with the support wagering has generated among lawmakers from both parties.

He added the House’s ability to get HF-2000 scheduled for a committee vote, after having to shelve previous attempts due to the blizzard that hammered the state last week, is a sign the best days for Minnesota sports betting might be on the horizon.

“Today’s step in the Minnesota House is the first of many steps to get sports betting across the goal line,” Bussmann told MinnesotaBets.com. “Consensus continues to build around the issue where it is in a much better position to pass than it was a year ago. Still a long road to go but I’m optimistic on the prospects.”

There’s still plenty of work to be done in order for Minnesota to join the more than 30 states (and Washington D.C.) that have already legalized wagering in some form.  

For now, Minnesota lawmakers have until May 22 to get sports betting legislation across the finish line.



Christopher Boan is a lead writer at MinnesotaBets.com, specializing in covering state issues. He has covered sports and sports betting in Arizona for more than seven years, including stops at ArizonaSports.com, the Tucson Weekly and the Green Valley News.